How to carousel Card Set in Web Messanger

(Marc Louie Cabigas) #1

Hello friends can you please help me!

I have this $data and I want to use it on my Card set. How to make this carousel
“0”: {
“id”: 57,
“name”: “Martial Arts School”,
“image”: “/uploads/92rCyr43G7jgC87lj1Fu1510106688.jpg”,
“street”: “King Street”,
“city”: “Sydney”
“1”: {
“id”: 59,
“name”: “Eulmar Karate Dojo”,
“image”: “/uploads/iuJhGab8f5hlhYSK8rGF1478863432.jpg”,
“street”: “Geneva Street”,
“city”: “Geneva”

(Daniel Beckett) #2

You can use the Data Outputs from the webhook and add them into a card set.

e.g. {{task.data__0__name}} where ‘task’ is the name of your webhook task.

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(Marc Louie Cabigas) #3

@DanielBeckett Thank you but I was trying to do like this and I have 8 list should I use one card set or 8 card set for 8 list? Or it should possible to do in just one card set?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Ah, sorry, just noticed that you mentioned Web Messenger in the topic name. Just one card set is all you need but the actual ‘carousel’ style is exclusive to Facebook Messenger at the moment.

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(Marc Louie Cabigas) #5

@DanielBeckett Thanks, but it would be nice if that ‘carousel’ is also supported on web messenger!

(Nikita Solunin) #6

Is it any update for the other apps?

(Nathan Stults) #7

No, there is no update. This is not a limitation of Flow XO but the platforms themselves.