How to add telegram bot to group?

(Rotakoi) #1

Its not working i tried.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Dishaan_Jain

Your Bot needs to be configured with the following options using BotFather:

Set Privacy - Disabled
Set Inline
Set Join Groups - Enable

You can then add a bot to your group just like any other Telegram member by searching for them using @the_bot’s_name or by using the share link from your bot setup.

(Rotakoi) #3

I did all this already still not working

(Rotakoi) #4

It works idk how but it suddenly worked

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(Steeeevy) #5

what your bot function in group? can you share?

(Rotakoi) #6

Its like a support bot

(Dumitru Grozav) #7

I have a similar issue - the bot is not reacting in the group when mentioned… Only if I turn on Overhear function in the flow it would react, but this is not good for the group because people may use a trigger word in their discussion and it will be unsolicited de facto…
Any idea guys?