How to add row in Google Sheet if row id we get from data?


Hello! :wave:

I have a table in Google Sheet when row is a category name, like this:

Auto Moto Bike Avia Space Copter
yes no yes yes no yes
no yes no no yes no

The users on my website use a form to send me this data, include a category/row name (auto, moto etc.).

I get this data in FlowXo and I need add this to Google Sheets:

"category": "auto",
"answer1": "yes",
"answer2": "no"

When category name is a row id, but I don’t understand how I can setting it on FlowXo and add data “answer1” “answer2” to row with name like a category name in data?

I can select a row manually, but how to automate this process and add data to row id, if row id we get from data?