How to add New file trigger at the middle of the flow?

(Ahmed Samir) #1

Hi there,
First of all thanks for this perfect product.

I need to work under this flow:

1- greeting
2- get name
3- get email
4- upload picture

the problem that the trigger New File just on the start of the flow, but how to add it in the middle of the flow.


(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Ahmed_Samir

There is no way to add a new file trigger in the middle of the flow. You do need to have 2 flows in this situation. You can continue any actions required after receiving the file in the flow with the “New File Trigger”. So your flows would be as follows:

Flow 1:
Get Name
Get Email
Request Profile Picture

Flow 2:
New File trigger receives Profile Picture
Continues any further actions

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Ahmed Samir) #3

which tutorial i need t create your recommended flow ?

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi Ahmed,

Unfortunately there isn’t a tutorial for doing this I’m afraid.

Here are a couple of flows you can install which should show what you need to do.

Flow 1
Flow 2

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Ahmed Samir) #5

not linked.
am install them both and try to test but not working

(daniel.beckett) #6

Hi @Ahmed_Samir

If you install those flows and switch them on you should be able to trigger Flow 1 by typing “hi” to the bot. Flow 2 is triggered when you send the file.

(Ahmed Samir) #7

good, but how ro send the file not upload or any browse button shown in the test Console

(Ahmed Samir) #8

I try to add the URL of the picture but not run the second flow

(daniel.beckett) #9

Hi @Ahmed_Samir

As the test console is based on the Web Messenger bots there’s unfortunately no option to upload a file. You would need to be using one of the other supported bot platforms like Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

(Tô Huy) #10

Hi @DanielBeckett
How can I get value from Flow 1? Thanks

(daniel.beckett) #11

Hi @To_Huy

That can vary a bit based on how your flows are setup but you can save any values from Flow 1 to an Attribute and then retrieve the value from your second flow.

(Tô Huy) #12

Hi @DanielBeckett
Thanks for your answer.