How to add buttons?

(Rotakoi) #1

Is there any way to add button that redirect to external links?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Dishaan_Jain

You can use Images and Cards which has an option to add links.

(Rotakoi) #4

But I need to send button

(daniel.beckett) #5

The card shortcut / text would be shown as a button for the user to click.

(Rotakoi) #6

isn’t there a way to send button with custom request ?

(daniel.beckett) #7

That depends on the platform you’re using with your bot. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack etc.

If you let me know which platform you have in mind I can hopefully share some extra information :slight_smile:

(Rotakoi) #8

I’m using Telegram, Whoa quick reply

(Rotakoi) #9

:O? quicky reply gone?

(Rotakoi) #10

I’m using Telegram…

(Rotakoi) #11

… gone?

(Karen Barker) #12

Hi @Dishaan_Jain,

You can use the Telegram InlineKeyboardButton with a custom request to be able to send a URL button.

There’s an example flow here you can install which shows how the custom request would look.

(Rotakoi) #13

I wanted to add buttons like these ones image
I dont want a custom keyboard :slight_smile:

(Karen Barker) #14


The buttons you’ve shown there will have been added using the InlineKeyboard - any other button type in Telegram appear below the keyboard and don’t support URL’s. :slight_smile:

(Rotakoi) #15

@Karenbarker Can you give me a sample flow?

(Karen Barker) #16

@Dishaan_Jain - this is the same api as used in the flow I shared earlier. :thumbsup:

(Rotakoi) #17

@KarenBarker that shows the keyboard though not button

(Karen Barker) #18

@Dishaan_Jain each item on the keyboard is a button - you can arrange multiple buttons on the keyboard or simply have 1 dependent on your needs.

(Rotakoi) #19

@KarenBarker So if I Delete the code for other button and just keep for one it will shows as a button?

(Karen Barker) #20

@Dishaan_Jain Exactly :slight_smile:

(Rotakoi) #21

:expressionless: I dont need custom keyboard, I’m lost can you please share flow with a button showing and not the keyboard like the pic i shared earlier