How can I resend last message with buttons if the response was invalid?

(Ivan ) #1

There is a telegram message with buttons.
User send custom message
I want to catch it and tell him that the message is wrong and resend the same initial message with buttons.

How can I do that?

(Nathan Stults) #2

It sounds like you want to use an “Ask a Question” task, which will validate that the answer is one of the options and repeat the question if the validation does not pass.


(Ivan ) #3

Thank you. Yes, this is the good solution, but what if I want to change the button layout? In case of “Ask a Question” task I don’t have an option to set number of rows for the buttons, right?

(Nathan Stults) #4

I see. You can turn a Telegram “Send a Message” into a question with a “Wait for a Response” task immediately after the message you send. This can be configured with validation. However, it does NOT repeat the question. Unfortunately there is not a way to automatically repeat the question using a combination of Send a Message and Wait for a Response.

There might be an imperfect workaround by repeating the question in the custom validation message of the Wait for a Response task.

(Ivan ) #5

Yes, it would be great. Because now the chain seems like “Label + send TG message + wait for response [without validation] + parsing answer + go to label”

It is really noisy to implement for every question in the flow…

(Ivan ) #6

Maybe you can add toggle for switching between native and inline buttons just for telegram to the “Ask a question?” entity? Would it be difficult to implement?