Help with Uppercase I can't figure out how to use

(toxa.jr) #1

Help to use the Text (String) - Apply Case - Uppercase function, throw in an article or visual material if there is one. In general, my task, the user writes the answer in the question block, I am looking for this answer in the GOOGLE table, but there is a problem with entries in the table made by CAPS KZA83190222008 (in large letters) in the question block, I made a filter so that it was impossible to write in small letters and everything works, but people complain that inconvenient and it’s true the solution is clearly there, but I can’t figure out how to crawl to it

(Nathan Stults) #2

If you store all of the answers in Google Sheets in upper case, then why can’t you use the text tool to Upper Case the input before searching?