Help with json!

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Hi There !
I’m trying to get keys from my json api request …
I usually use get data and the key name bet I’m stuck here with this situation .
example of the json
“country”: “ru”,
“list”: {
“15”: {
“id”: “15”,
“name”: “sar”
“16”: {
“id”: “14”,
“name”: “hero”
if I wanted to get country I simply do
and in case of id

the problem is that it’s not 15 for const
my users give me their numbers
and I should get id and name like

I tried to make it an attribute like

it did not work …
any suggestions ?


You can use Code block like this

var list = {{make_a_http_request.data__list}};
var result=list[{{attribute}}];
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that was very helpful , thanks !