Have you tried the web messenger recently?

(Mike Emery) #1

Just before you leave the office to start your holidays, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made some big improvements to the web messenger to speed it up. It’s now twice as fast to load and send messages. Yes, you read that correctly!

We changed the backend architecture at the end of November and are pleased to report a very successful upgrade. Thank you for working through a couple of teething problems with us in the first 24-hours.

If you haven’t used the web messenger for a while, be sure to take a fresh look. It’s a bot interface that can be embedded in any website, landing page or web app and can be accessed through a website control, directly via it’s own URL, or can be embedded within the body of a webpage.

We’re not stopping there and have some other enhancements coming soon for the web messenger. Don’t forget that you can post your own feature requests on our new feedback site or vote on other people’s posts.

We hope you and your customers will be pleased with what you see and can now get even more value from the Flow XO product.

Happy holidays and all the very best for the new year.