Have question about price

(Govher Abbas Zade) #1

Hi everybody. I have just opened 6 flows and flowxo wants from me to price standart plan. is there any wrong? what can I do do this free ? if I must paid 19 dollar for a month how many flows flowxo will give me in that standart plan ?

(Karen Barker) #2

Pricing starts at $19 (includes 5000 interactions and 15 bots/flows).

You can then add ‘packs’ of interactions or bots/flows. See full pricing details at https://flowxo.com/pricing.

All features and services are available on both the free and paid plans. The differences between the free and paid plan are as follows:

Active Flows/Bots

Free Plan - 5
Paid Plan - 15

Interactions per month

Free Plan - 500
Paid Plan - 5000


Free Plan - 2 weeks
Paid Plan - 3 months


Free Plan - 5 minute
Paid Plan - 1 minute


Free Plan - Can't remove Flow XO branding from the widget
Paid Plan - Remove all Flow XO branding

Hope that helps.

If you have any questions, please ask.

(Govher Abbas Zade) #3

thanks. I want to know if I need 65 flows I must paid 95 dollar? each month?

(Karen Barker) #4


The standard plan at $19 per month gives you 15 bots/flows. You would then need a further 50 bots and flows. These are charged at a further $10 per 5 bots and flows. Therefore for the additional 50 bots this will be a further $100 per month.

For the full 65 flows you would be looking at $119 per month.

(Govher Abbas Zade) #5

I grouped every answer of questions in single flows/ because I cant grouped every answer of questions in one trigger. is there any way to grouped answer of many questions in one trigger?

(Karen Barker) #6


Have you taken a look at our FAQ template flow? This should show you how to set up a trigger with multiple different keywords and then use filters on the actions in your flow to only send specific messages based on the keyword.

(Govher Abbas Zade) #7

İ looked again sorry. I wanna know if I buy 65 flows I must pay each month 119 dollar ? or after buying just 19 dollar?

(Govher Abbas Zade) #8

each month 119 dollar or just once?

(Daniel Beckett) #9

Hi @Govher_Abbas-zade

The interaction packs and bot/flow packs are charged for each month.