Has been pressed

(Medalnichka Shop) #1

Telegram bot
any step chat-companion see this:
[‘Parswed Answer’ has been pressed]

How to remove???

(Medalnichka Shop) #2

Can anybody help? pleaaaase!

This hint, which visualizes the command, unnecessary to anyone, always appears. How to make sure that it was not there?

(Nathan Stults) #3

It is not currently possible to disable this. We are adding a feature to allow it to be disabled but I don’t know when that will be ready.

(Medalnichka Shop) #4

"THIS" does not come out, for example, if the buttons in the chat are not inline. Where or from whom you can find out in what cases “this” :ghost: does not appear?

(Nathan Stults) #5

Inline buttons require a query response, which creates the message. So it only happens with inline messages.