Going further down in questions


Hi everyone.

I’m in the middle of attempting a chat bot with multiple layers of questions and so far I have it going like this.

First question -> Second layer -> Attempting to go third layer and beyond.

Really it’s more about how I go further down and how I can link them up? I’ve got about 6 layers planned with one redirecting upward at the end of its path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @RiderLAK,

You’ll find a great Getting Started article here which talks you through how to create your first bots and flows and you should by the end of it have a good idea how things hang together using Flow XO. We also have some pre built Templates which you can install from inside your account - just click on the + New Flow button and you’ll be presented with all the templates - you can then edit these to suit your use case.

There are also further tutorials that you can work through here.

You can control which actions happen in your flows by adding Filters. If you need to jump to different parts of your flows then the labels and goto label actions can be used from the Flow service.

Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:



Hi Daniel,

I’ve managed to get a little bit down the layers with the filters (Down to the second one) using the templates and figuring out how they work. It’s just more going down the pathways etc but I’ll take those links and see what I can do, if anything else comes up I’ll let you know. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Going back to try again now I can give a little more information. What I want to try and do is link question to question, or question to message etc with minimal text involved. Basically, click a question related to the query, get a response, or ask another question and so on. It’s just more linking these together.

(Daniel Beckett) #5

The flows always work in sequence which means that you start at the trigger and then work down the list of actions.

You’d need to setup all of your messages in the flow and then use filters to control which message is sent based on the user’s choice.

Here’s a basic example of how using questions and filters works:

There’s also a more complex example of how labels and filters can be used:

I hope that helps.