Global attributes

(kurt) #1

Hi, is there a way to set attributes globally?

For example, we have several flows that hit a given {{host_name}} and it would be super great if we could set that somewhere and then be able to change it in one spot, rather than change it everywhere.

(Kellsey Shaw) #2

Hi Kurt,

Attributes do have a global scope so you’d only need to set it from one place but that does need to be a flow. :thumbsup:

(kurt) #3

Attributes are not global across users.

How would this best be accomplished?

Changing all webhooks, across all flows, for every user
from http://foo/blahblahblah
to http://bar/blahblahblah

(Kellsey Shaw) #4

Hi Kurt,

They are actually but we set the response path to the user by default because mostly, people want to set the attributes per user but you can use the little pencil above the drop down to make it an editable box. You just need to make sure that you give a name that will be unique in your account. :slight_smile:

(kurt) #5

So to be clear, we would hit the pencil and put ANY string that is unique across the account? And when subsequent Attribute Actions call “get attribute” they’ll be available then?

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(Kellsey Shaw) #6

Hi Kurt,

That’s right :slight_smile:

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(Andrew Catchpole) #7


thanks this is really useful.

how can i look at the account’s global attributes?
will a global attribute every be deleted?

(Daniel Beckett) #8

There’s not actually a way to view all of the ‘global’ attributes, unfortunately. A bit of an oversight, I know. The only place you’d see them is in the interaction logs.

The global attributes won’t clear by themselves so unless you overwrite them they’ll persist.