Getting blank answer in android

(Viral Tps) #1


Consider there two cases.
Case 1:
I have submitted answer like: (space)Test and sent.
Result : It is showing as below image

Case 2:
Now I have submitted answer like: (space)123
Result: It is showing me as correctly. please check below image

I have checked my iteration for both cases.
For case 1, I got blank answer (eg. (space)) only
For case 2, I got expected answer (eg. 123)

This issues are happening in android devices only.
I have already asked related issues. click here. But still waiting positive response from FlowXo team.

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Viral_tps

We’re still looking into the bug that you reported and will work on getting out a fix as soon as possible.

Once I have more information I’ll be sure to let you know.