Get user's name when they fill out a form

(Vila Vg) #1


I plan to ask a usr for their phone number and their email. Upon submission i want the phone number and email to be populated in a google sheet. I also want their name to be populated in their without having to explicitly ask for it. Is there a way to pull this data from facebook into a cell in the google sheet?


(Sarah Palombo) #2


Yes you’ll notice that when a user talks to your bot, you have information in your log. (User Name) (User Handle) (User First Name) etc.

When you get to your Google Sheet task,you’ll see when you click the XO icon that those initial things that were captured can be added into your Google sheet as an output

Hope that helps !


(Hilton Davidow) #3

How do I get the users first name only? I see the user handle and the full name but not the first name on it’s own

(daniel.beckett) #4

Hi @Appreneur,

Different information is pulled through based on the messaging platform. Since you just have the user handle then you can split the name by using the Text service.

(Hilton Davidow) #5

Thanks Daniel, I figured it out once i realised the text action was under more… lol
Very helpful.