Get RefID from a Startlink in Telegrambot

(Patrick) #1

Hello community, surely a stupid question. How can I read the ID of an invitationlink?


I would like to read this value (THISISWHATINEED) and then process it further.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Patrick,

Unfortunately I don’t believe that Telegram has any support for referral links which can be detected as metadata in a flow. You could do this through Facebook Messenger which has links that you can stick ref parameters onto. Please see our docs on creating a Facebook Messenger bot for more details.


(Patrick) #3

this is sad… ok, thx!

(Артём Морозов) #4

Now does this function work?

(Karen Barker) #5

Hi there,

Unfortunately no we don’t support refid’s in telegram. The only ref-id that is supported would be if you wanted to install the bot into a telegram group, at which point you can use the link:

(Joe Thong) #6

I think this could be done with deeplinking feature of telegram bot

(Zara) #7

Hi, everyone!

Have anything changed with referral?

(Daniel Beckett) #8

Hi @Zara,

I’m sorry but refid’s for Telegram are still not supported in Flow XO.