Get more that a line to a bot ask messagee

(Michel Morelli) #1

Hi, via Ask Question my “bot/flow” can get a reply from the user, but this is limited at the first “enter/blank line”. How can I continue to permit to my user to write (in new lines) until he/she enter a particular word like “end” ?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi Michel,

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to allow the user to enter multiple messages in response to a question - the Ask a question task will only respond on the first message sent in response to it. The best thing to do is give a message to the user directing the either to not press the return key or that if they wish to add a line break to press shift + return in their message.

(Mariya) #3

could you please write me if you have some changes on the issue?
I created “Send message” for feedback and I expected that users could send multiple messages using enter. I need to send all of that messages by email.
When I write more than one message using enter I get a default message of Test Console. And I get just first message by email.