General Functional Enquiry


Hi everyone,

I am doing a quick review on different dialog flow visualization tools and been playing around with the bot building UI. And it the functions looks promising.

But then I would need more information (Something I can’t find quite yet from a quick scan, and haven’t got the time to do thorough checking)

My list of concerns:

  1. Is it possible to render my own UI? Since I would like to use a custom UI and I am not sure if the sdk would limit this.

  2. Is Flowxo able to identify which element is missing and prompt user to fill it in? For example my flow requires both “Address” and “Occupation”, and the user is providing “Address” only, is there a way to configure the flow such that it response to the user asking for that? I am pretty sure that it could work with the checking in the flow manually, are there any OOTB flows / function for that?

  3. How are the flows / data passing through managed? I don’t seem to find information about GDPR as well. Also, wondering where are the server hosted? Are they on public clouds or in data centres, and in which region or the deployment options? Also are there any SLA / availability figures that could be shared? We are looking at a traffic volume of 5000+ interactions per day (User asking 1 question and the bot respond with an answer count as 2 interactions right?)

Understand that these questions are at the general levels, I would appreciate a general direction of whether they can be achieved with the tool (Or links to docs where I can dig out more info myself)

Thanks in advances!

(Nathan Stults) #2


Flow XO does not directly integrate with Dialog Flow, and does not currently have any native NLP features. We are working on integrations with Dialog Flow and some other NLP providers, but do not have a solid ETA we can give out yet. In the meantime, you night consider integrating with Wit.AI, which has a very nice HTTP REST interface that Flow XO could integrate with via HTTP and webhooks.