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(Пётр Плоских) #1

Hello, everyone! How to forward a message from a bot to another Telegram user. For example: I collected some answers from a user using a bot and I need to send them to my Telegram account.
Thanks for answer!

(Nathan Stults) #2

The ‘Send Message’ (and other bot tasks) allow you to customize the ‘Response Path’ - which is the address of a Flow XO user. By default the response path is set to the user currently involved in the conversation, but you can hard-code a response path to be the one for you, and send yourself a message that way.

To find your response path, if you have an interaction with your telegram user and your bot, in the Interactions tab, find that interaction you had with yourself, click details, and copy the response path:

Then, in a Send Message task, override the default response path with the one you copied that points to yourself:

I think that should accomplish what you want.


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(Пётр Плоских) #3

Thank you! I know about this method. And I am allready understand what no way to send message directly by Telegram username.