Flowxo server IPs

(renata.begnigna@digitalindustry.com.br) #1

Good afternoon everyone

I am trying to execute a webservice call by “make a request http” and it is giving error 403.
The infrastructure team suspects that it is blocking because of the firewall. The question is, how can I know the IP or IPs that the Flowxo server makes the requests for? The idea would be to take these IPs and release them here on the firewall


(Nathan Stults) #2

There is not a way to add the Flow XO IPs to your firewall - we are hosted on Amazon and the list of potential IPs is very, very large and changes frequently.

What you can do if you need to get through a Firewall is use a proxy service which will give you a static IP that you can use in your firewall rules. The proxy services are pretty cheap, and Flow XO can easily be configured to use them for your HTTP integrations.

Here is one that we’ve used with good success:

And here’s a sample flow that uses a proxy so you can see how to configure it on the Flow XO side: