FlowXO and Dialgoflow V2 API

(Mike Kwok) #1

Hi All,

Could you please advice how to integrate Flow XO with google dialogflow?
WHat needs to be fill in for below

  1. Request URL
  2. Method
  3. Content Type
  4. Body
  5. Headers
  6. Basic Authentication

Cheers, Mike

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Mike_Kwok

There’s a tutorial for Using Flow XO with Dialogflow but it is admittedly a bit out of date and doesn’t use v2 of the API. The steps should still work with the exception of the URL. The actual URL you want to send the request to is https://api.dialogflow.com/v1/query?v=20171210

If you take a look over that it should hopefully give you a good idea of where to start.

In regards to using V2 of the API I can’t say for certain if it’s possible to use with Flow XO. It may be possible using the Webhooks & HTTP service by setting up a custom API request. This would require that you reference their docs to setup the API request in your flow. I believe that the setup would be similar to what’s used in the tutorial I shared but with some changes to fields and endpoints.

The following page from Dialogflow’s docs may be able to help clarify:


(Louis Delav) #3

Hello Daniel,

Thanks you very much for the details.

I have some troubles with Dialogflow for the past 3 days.
I was using since many time your tutorial on medium to connect. But it no longer works.
I just tried it with the new link you’re using, it doesn’t work :frowning:

  "status": {
    "code": 401,
    "errorType": "unauthorized",
    "errorDetails": "Missing AccessToken Code: 401"

While my header aren’t empty

Authorization: BEARER $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

I think some modifications will happen with the V2 of the Dialogflow. Can you help me to reconnect the service?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

I’m sorry but at the moment we don’t have any guides to share for connecting to V2 of the Dialogflow API.