Flow XO web messenger just got better!

(Mike Emery) #1

I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve made lots of improvements to the web messenger, so check it out. You can now:

  • Play a video to visitors
  • Allow visitors to upload a file
  • Apply a custom language translation to replace “Type your message…”
  • Show local date stamps in your conversation
  • Allow visitors to clear conversation history for privacy
  • Force the web messenger to clear conversation history on exit
  • Disable text input via the composer and only allow choices.

… and don’t forget that the web messenger is now twice as fast to load and send messages as it used to be!

Most of these suggestions came from you, so please keep them coming. We want to hear your feature requests and for you to vote on other people’s posts on our new feedback site so we can see what’s important to you. It’s the first place we go when it’s time to road-map.