FLOW Xo in wordpress site

(Juan Quintero) #1

I have been trying to add the web widget in my wordpress site but is not working. To install HTML codes I use google tag manager.

Can you help me out here.


(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Rootivo

To use the Web Widget you do need to ensure you page source has the meta tag: . If this is set can you please check whether or not in Google Tag Manager you have ‘Allow writes’ enabled so the script can write to the page?

If you’re still having problems please can you share the URL for the website and we’ll take a closer look. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Andrew Croot) #3

Hi, I am attempting to add a new web bot to a site (all pages/posts etc) as well and having problems finding where to do this.
I did get it working on a single page to test, however this was by just adding the JS code on the page directly.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi @yourservicezone,

Our widget always needs to be placed at the bottom of your body tag on each page. Unfortunately I’m not all that familiar with WordPress so I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this in a single place or whether you would need to add the JS code at the bottom of each of your pages as you have on your test page.

It might be worth looking to WordPress support to see if they can offer any further advice here. :slight_smile: