Flow with Multiple Choices

(Christine M McClure) #1

As a disclaimer, I am not a programmer nor am I very well versed in setting up flows so pardon the dumb question. I am trying to set up a chatbot to provide information for 3 distinct questions. If the user selects one choice and receives an answer, but wants an answer to one of the other question choices I cannot figure out how to provide only the answers which have not already been provided. I am trying to use the FAQ flow template but none of the answers will appear. Is there a better template? Thanks!

(Nathan Stults) #2

Christine -

Are you asking how to build some kind of loop that at first asks 3 questions, the user can answer them in any order, and the remaining questions drop off of the list as they are answered?

(Christine M McClure) #3

Hi Nathan! Yes, sorry I did not articulate my issue very clearly. I am working on a flow that presents 3 options. Once the user selects an option and receives the answer, I want to provide them with the remaining 2 options. A loop scenario sounds like it might work and I tried looking at labels, but couldn’t figure it out. Thank you for your help!