Flow randomly freezes

(QS) #1

Hi, everyone. I’ve got a pretty long flow connected to Facebook Messenger bot (more than 50 elements in one flow). It starts off well, but after a while (after I test about 20 dialogue responses), it freezes randomly. Every time it freezes on a different dialogue, so it’s not a filter error.

What could I do to fix it?

(Nathan Stults) #2


What are you seeing in the interaction logs when the “Freeze” happens?

(Nathan Stults) #3

That means that you have exceeded the looping limits on the free plan. You will need to upgrade to standard, and then that limit is removed.

(QS) #4

It says ‘The maximum number of runs for this action has been reached.’

(QS) #5

Oh, I see. So the flows will be working fine in the test console, but to get them to work properly, I’ll need to get a paid plan, correct?

(Nathan Stults) #6

Correct, if your flows use a label to loop or jump more than 15 times in a single flow, you will require a standard plan.

(QS) #7

Go it. Just one more question: the plans are paid monthly, right? I mean, if I try the Standard plan but then decide that it’s not for me, I’ll just be able to cancel next month, correct?

(Nathan Stults) #8

Correct, plans are monthly, you can cancel any time. If you downgrade halfway through a month you will even receive a refund for half the month, so no real risk.

(QS) #9

Got it. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: