Find out gmail account used for Google Sheets connection

(Augusto Vera) #1

Hello, hope you all are doing fine in this COVID-19 crisis, my question is: ¿how do I find out which gmail account was used in a Google Sheets connection?, I have an old flow connected to a google sheet but it is scattered somewhere in a gmail account and I cannot figure out which one.

(Nathan Stults) #2

Unfortunately there is no way to tell - we don’t store the e-mail address associated with the Google account you use when you authenticate with Google Sheets (we don’t store it and we don’t even have access to it!). When you authorize a Google Sheets account, we get back some special authentication codes, but there is no way to get from those codes back to the email address that was used.

(Augusto Vera) #3

:sob::sob::sob::sob: ok, I will survive.