Fetch information from another column

(miracleclouxz@gmail.com) #1

How can I fetch information from another column in the same sheet (Google sheet) using query from another column. I’m taking user input then search column A or B for the entered term, then return information in column C corresponding to the same row on column A and B

(Nathan Stults) #2

When you use Get Row or Search Rows, ALL of the columns are returned - so if you find a row based on column A, column C will be sent back to the bot along with all the other columns in that row. If you need to use the value in a column of one row to find a DIFFERENT row, you’d need an additional query to Google Sheets.

(miracleclouxz@gmail.com) #3

Please can you share a flow sample

(Nathan Stults) #4

Flow samples with Google Sheets don’t work very well because account info can’t be shared between flows. Also I’m not 100% sure exactly what workflow you are describing, I’m just guessing. Perhaps if you explained the actual biz process you’re trying to achieve instead of the using the A, B, C examples it would be helpful to understand precisely what you’re trying to do.

(miracleclouxz@gmail.com) #5

Thanks for your reply. What I’m trying to do is, prompt a user to enter a keyword (using the question action) this keyword will then be looked up in the “medium” or “genre” column of my worksheet, if there’s a match, it returns the data in the “image” column which correspond to the row which the keyword was found