FB Messenger Bot - Error 230



This is my first bot using Facebook Messenger, and so far, no luck.

I’ve set up everything OK I think (ID, secret number and token). I’ve used a flow template (the Simple publisher one) and a simple one that I built myself.

I disconnected the bot and did everything again. I’ve tried English and Spanish as a language (I want it in Spanish, in fact).

But I’m alway getting this error (translation from Spanish):

“Error on the delivery - The operation could not be completed. (Error of FBAPIErrorDomain 230).”

I uploaded a picture (it’s in Spanish).

The bot is not published or reviewed. I’m the only one that’s trying to use it (as the admin of the FB page).

And I get that error every time I press “Start” on FB Messenger, but only from mobile. On desktop I press “Start”, the bubble from the bot appears for a second as it is typing something… but then nothing.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

(Kellsey Shaw) #2

Hi there,

This error message can be received when apps are disabled. If you check your settings for your user profile that you have used to set up the facebook page and ensure that this setting is enabled.

Hopefully, that will solve the issue for you but if not please do let us know and we can look into this further for you


Hi Kellsey,

It worked!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Kellsey Shaw) #4

Glad you got it working :+1:

(Jack Rogero) #5

how about this one?

(Gerald Roskilly) #6

Hello Jack Rogero,
How did you fix this problem?

(daniel.beckett) #7

Hi @Gerald_Roskilly

Are you seeing the same error? Have you tried checking your user profile settings as mentioned by Kellsey above?