FB Handover Protocol

(Anish Duggal) #1

Hi all. Just saw the info below about HANDOVER PROTOCOL - and primary and secondary receiver roles.

FB Business Manager->Page->Settings ->Messenger Platform->Subscribed Apps section

“The apps that are currently subscribing to your page and their information will be listed here. Note that setting up the Primary Receiver and Secondary Receiver roles will trigger Handover Protocol. Please make sure the apps can support the protocol before setting up the roles.”
Does anyone know if there is any documentation?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Anish,

The handover protocol is part of the Facebook Messenger 2.0 features which means that it’s not something we currently have support for. I can’t say for certain what effect modifying those settings within Facebook will do though.


(Khashayar) #3

Handover Protocol is in closed beta currently. Only a handful of platforms integrate with it. There are some bots who are testing with it privately. Hopefully it’ll be announced soon.

A “Handover” service for Flow XO would be amazing. As a trigger, it’d trigger a flow anytime a handover from primary to secondary (or vice versa) happens and as an action, it would be able to trigger the handover in the middle of a flow (e.g. when the user is stuck answering a question).

Can’t wait for this exciting feature.

(Anish Duggal) #4

@kcfl, my thoughts exactly. This could also hopefully fix the problem with calling the composer window from anywhere in a flow instead of sending people back to main menu ‘Send Message’ for user input.

@DanielBeckett, thanks I understand that 2.0 features are not yet fully implemented in FlowXo. I may not have been clear enough when asking for documentation above. What I meant was if any one has seen any documentation of any kind from Facebook or any other source as I can’t find anything.


(Khashayar) #5

We need to make this happen :smiley:


(Anish Duggal) #6

Go and vote everyone!

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(Nathan Stults) #7

So, I realize it’s been a few years :slight_smile: