Facebook platform issues

(Mike Emery) #1

Some users are experiencing issues this morning with existing bots following Facebook’s changes to permissions. We’re investigating the cause and are currently waiting for Facebook’s feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience.

(Tech department) #3

Please update us on this thread. Our flows are not triggered from FB today (usually around 25/day, today = 0)

(Daniel Pereira) #4

News? We have customers using it, and we are losing sales!

(Sarah Palombo) #5

Unfortunately, as this is an issue at Facebook’s side, we are currently waiting for them to fix.

We’ll drop you another note here as soon as we have more news and we’ll keep you posted

The Flow XO Team

(Chris L) #6

Is this related to the August 1st deadline to submit the app for approval for the required permissions? Was FlowXO declined? I noticed that any apps currently under review are still functioning during review.

As a (painful) workaround, you can re-connect the app using your own App ID (make sure to submit for pages messaging permission – it works during while waiting for approval). This is working for me. However, I lost all users and their data, and am losing thousands of $'s revenue per day as a consequence.

(John Jackson) #7

We are very sorry for this - it is related to the review deadline (pending as many apps are) but there is no reason why this permission should be failing. There is a grace period that we are well within. We believe this may be a bug at Facebook’s side.

We’ve opened a bug request and are following that up. We understand this is very important to resolve and are working hard to get there. Sorry for these problems.

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(Chris L) #8

Thanks John. Do you have any indication as to whether existing user data will survive?

(John Jackson) #9

We believe so, yes. Things should return to normal as soon as Facebook resolve the bug.


I’ve been keeping an eye on this - seems to work fine for me now :slight_smile:

(Mike Emery) #11

Facebook have reported that this bug has now been fixed which is supported by our application logs. Please let us know if you are still affected. Sorry again for the disruption.

(Mohit Munikuntla) #12

now all the bots are working, just make sure you reconnect the bots to the fb page, then you are good to go.