Facebook one time notification on desktop

(Gwendal) #1


I have a one time notification request at the end of my flow and I followed the guidelines but it only works on mobile.
On desktop, I can send the request to accept (Notify me), I can click on “Notify Me” and it displays it as a response but for some reason, the flow is not taking it as a response and it’s stuck. When I type “Notify Me” manually it then moves on to the next step but without the payload response…

It works good on the messenger mobile app.

Any idea?

(Nathan Stults) #2

This sounds like it’s probably a bug in the web version of Facebook Messenger. You may want to submit a ticket with Facebook.

(Gwendal) #3

Thanks. I actually don’t think they consider “on page chat” part of messenger. For the feature to work properly, you have to chat on the messenger.com/[page]

(Nathan Stults) #4

Oh, the issue you are seeing is on-page chat? Meaning you embedded messenger onto your webpage using a web tool and this is where the problem occurred?


(Gwendal) #5

Yep. I don;t think FB allows 1 time notif there