Facebook Messenger bot shows choices as plain text!

(Saúl ) #1

Hello there, I´m experiencing this issue with the implementation of my bot, I created a sort of datepicker using Choices only, it works fine in the test console, but when I trigger the bot from Facebook messenger the choices don’t become a button, they appear as plain text

As you can see (it´s in spanish BTW) where there should be buttons only appears as text, Is thre any workaround this issue, I know from another topic that messenger has a 20 character limit per button or at least that’s what that other post says but here muy buttons have at most 10 characters. Please I really need some help.

(Nathan Stults) #2

If you try now, it should work. It looks like Facebook bumped its max quick replies from 11 to 13 - we just upped it on our end as well and you can now send up to 13 quick replies as buttons. After that will will convert to text, but its enough for your months.

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(Saúl ) #3

Thank you so much Nathan, this really helped me, it’s I really mean it when I say Thanks a lot, I tought I was gonna have to take another road but this helps a lot. Thanks again ;D

(Nathan Stults) #4

No problem ad all, glad we could help.