Facebook 'Like' arriving as an image in Messenger chatbot from some users

(Philip Mccarthy) #1

Hi Community

I have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot operating. I’ve noticed that if I send a like from my iPhone it turns up as ‘/like’ for the message attribute in the interaction log. I’ve accommodated this with some filters i.e. so that it does not trigger any flows.

The problem is some users of my chatbot appear to be sending an image file when they hit the ‘Like’ button in FB Messenger. This bypasses the aforementioned filter and triggers another flow that receives files which is of course annoying and confusing for the user.

I’ve looked at the interaction logs and noticed that the last couple came from the same URL:


I loath to filter on this as I’m convinced it will change.

Can anyone suggest any strategies to handle this?

Thanks, Phil.