Facebook have paused the creation of new bots

(Sarah Palombo) #1

You’ve probably heard about the recent concerns around misuse of data that Facebook have been facing.

Because of this, Facebook have decided to pause the creation of new experiences on its platform until it has conducted an audit and review. This includes Messenger bots.

So for the moment, you won’t be able to create new Messenger chatbots on Flow XO (or in fact any other platform).

You can continue to run the chatbots you already have, and to add new flows/functionality.

Our other 4 platforms are unaffected, so you can still create Slack, Telegram, SMS (Twilio) and web bots.

We hope the pause won’t last long, and as soon as it’s lifted, it will be business as usual. We’ll drop you another note when this happens.

Thank you,
The Flow XO Team

Platform Access Disabled: Access temporarily disabled due to changes to the Facebook Platform
(Pablo Leonhart) #2

Ok, for this, but how long it will take?
I don´t mind if it will be 1 week for example, but if I can´t make any bots anymore on Facebook Messenger I need to close my business. Do you know something about it, some kind of gossip of how long it will take or something like that? Thanks

(Sioulis Nick) #3

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi guys,

At the moment we have no information on exactly how long this temporary pause will last by Facebook. As soon as we have any further information we will definitely keep you in the loop. :slight_smile:


This might be a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Does this temporary ban apply to bots that are created as “page only” as well as “page and app” (as described in this help article)?

(Daniel Beckett) #6

Hi @rtaber

At the moment this applies to both kinds. The creation of any new Facebook bot is currently restricted.