Facebook enter error

(salome) #1

I am receiving these application from fb. Yesterday It was working well but now I can not refresh news feed, can not like posts and Also can’t message anyone. I deleted applications, then downloaded again, but still have the same problem. when I enter it’s written ,no network connectivity. Please thy again later…’’ I’m trying whole day. Does anyone help me how should I fix these problem?? Please if you know how to solve these problem help…

Thank You

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @salome

Just to confirm, are you using a Flow XO chatbot on your account?

It sounds like you’re having some general Facebook issues :confused:

(salome) #3

Thanks for answering. I’ve just created my account here and not sure I’m using Flow Xo chatbox. I googled these and here someone was writing the same problem. So I registered.
Sorry if I am posting to wrong place but Can you tell me how to connect fb Team or Email them to solve my problem or do you know anyone who can help me? :confused:


(daniel.beckett) #4

Sorry, this isn’t really the best place for support with your Facebook account.

If you’re using the Messenger app you could always try reinstalling it to your device.

Here’s the main Facebook help page:

(salome) #5

thank you so much. :blush: