Facebook Comments - Reply on Post

(Galaxy Lam) #1

I have used FlowXO for more than four years. I think it’s really one of the best Chatbot platforms especially the complete integration solutions of different other applications. However, just one problem bother me.

For the Facebook comments, do you think we can make a reply of the comment on the post as well, not just directly message the users when they leave comments?

For example, when they left a message “I want to know more” on the post, can flowXO automatically reply their comments like “We have sent the coupons to you by message. Thanks.” ? Therefore, other people knew we replied the users already and it showed we are responsible. It can let the process more automatically. Thanks.

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(Robin Carlos Bernal) #2

I agree! This could be a powerful tool, It will increase the engagement rate of the post significantly if it has that feature turned on.