Error message - opted out

(Izzy) #1

Hi a user at one point said “cancel” to a conversation, so now the bot will not respond when they try to communicate with bot. it is given this error message “The recipient has opted out of receiving messages from this service.”

I’ve tried to delete the user but that did not help, it is still not responding.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Izzy

‘Cancel’ isn’t a keyword that Flow XO bots listen out for. A user can type ‘quit’ or ‘bye’ which will stop a flow where a question is being asked but it won’t then stop them from triggering future flows.

Where do you see the error message? Is that what the user sees on screen or is it an error you see on the account?

Do you see any flows being triggered from the Interaction Logs?

(Izzy) #3

It’s using Twilio (SMS), could that be the problem?

The error message is in interactions, the status is “failed”, and in the interaction details, the error is in “send a message”

Flows for that user are not triggering, all other users are fine

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Ah, I see. It looks like they triggered one of Twilio’s opt-outs.

Unfortunately this is outside of our control. If you think they opted out accidentally you could reach out to the Twilio support team to see if they can unblock the number.