Drag and Drop and Message View in Editor

(John Jackson) #1

We’re excited to start rolling out some improvements we’ve been working on!

We want to make the flow editor faster and easier to use, and make it easier to see how your flows will behave within messaging.

You’ll now see a new version of the flow editor with a message preview on the right hand side (on desktop screens).

You’ll also notice we added drag and drop to move actions around the flow.

More to come

This is a sign of things to come. We have a list of improvements we’ll be introducing over the coming weeks.

Next up, you’ll notice a new test console where you can test your flows for free (accessible from the editor).

We want to make Flow XO not just the most powerful product to build conversational messaging apps, but also the easiest to use too.

(Anish Duggal) #2


Drag and drop, yeahhhhhh!

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(Bob) #3

Drag and drop is a life saver! Yessss!!


Great job on editor: drag&drop, preview on right side and widget to test all in one place.