Delay not working in abandoned flow

(Prakhar Monga) #1

In the flow above when a user abandons the flow the delay stopped working.
Can you check and tell me what am I doing wrong?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Prakhar_Monga

If you look in the interaction log do you see any particular errors for the flow?

(Prakhar Monga) #3

Hi @DanielBeckett,
No there is no errors.
What I think happening is, I ask the user a question after uploading the image and the user didn’t answer. The increase counter action is triggered but the flow is midway it never passes to the next actions that’s why the delay is not working.
What do you think?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

If the user abandons the flow or doesn’t answer then the flow will stop so unfortunately those other actions won’t run.