Data Collection outset item

(Andrew Catchpole) #1

With Data Collections is there a way to access data with an offset?

These two examples appear to have the same output:
{{output.data__Info__0__Name &&}}
{{output.data__Info__+__Name &&}}

I need to process some of the data output so I’m using the above data output as an input to a Text(string) > Replace Text action which works great for Text 1…Text 20.

However, I also need items 21…40 so I need a way to offset the data collection. This would be useful for me: {{output.data__Info__20__Name &&}} but the output still starts at 0

Any Suggestions?

(Nathan Stults) #2

Andrew, there won’t be a way to do what you want to do just with the expression syntax you are using. In this case if you need to aggregate names from rows in the middle of an array, you will have to use a Code block and split up the array in JavaScript.