Cyclic data checking

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Hi, need help from Flow XO tech support

At the moment I’m making a telegram bot, the bot will have a function to buy subscriptions for a certain period of time which I enter into the SQL database.
I have a problem and I do not understand how I can make a separate FLOW in the bot, which will be executed let’s say once every 12 hours, I need that this FLOW does not visually affect the bot in any way, did not send sms and so on, but was independent and activated once every 12 hours, every time it will be activated in it will be executed code that will take from the SQL database time and validate the subscription.

How to make this FLOW, what trigger to put and how to place it correctly, so that it does not affect the work of the bot and the code that I need activated once in 12 hours? help with the code is not required.