Continue blot flow if question is answered invalidly or not answered


Is there any way to continue a bot flow if either (a) the user does not answer within the expiry time or (b) the user answers invalidly multiple times(

For example, I ask someone, what is your email address? I set validation to email. I set Number of Invalid Answers to 2. The person replies twice with something that is not an email. I still want the flow to continue and to ask the other questions, but it seems that there’s no way to do this. The bot just says, “Sorry you didn’t answer so I’ll go away” - and that’s the end of it. Why can’t we say, if invalid after 2 tries (or however many I set), continue the flow and ask the next question?

Same question for not answering. If the person doesn’t answer after 5 minutes (or whatever expiry time I set), why can’t I ask the next question? Why does the flow have to stop? Aside from why, is there any workaround?
Thank you.

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi Candle,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no built in way to continue the flow when a question expires/is answered incorrectly.

The only workaround we can offer is described here. For use with a question you would need to be setting the wait period to be slightly longer than the question expiry time to ensure the user is given a chance to respond in allotted time. :thumbsup:

(Nathan Stults) #3

This feature exists now: