Connection telegram bot to website

(Marieta) #1

I have a few questions about telegram bot. I will be happy, if someone will help me)
I create a telegram bot at puzzlebot and now I have a problem with connection to my website.
On my website I have daily data information and now I want to connect my telegram bot to my website.
My target.
When the customer for example will sent the customer ID, after that the bot will sent the daily data information from my website.
On my website I have all customer information.
How can I do, that bot choose only that customer ID information.
Please help me, I do that over 30 days, but I do not have any result.

Maybe I do wrong, when started to create the bot with puzzlebot, but I want to ask, that I do not know fluently code writing, that is why I choose to create my bot with puzzlebot.

(I Magiс) #2

Hi. You can send data to website via HTTP REQUEST feature. And then get data from your website via another flowXo’s feature. I guess “web hook”. I don’t remember. I have done something similar when I did the calendar/date input via Telegram’s “web app”. Write me in telegram - @i90007