Connecting a (flow) with another (Instant Broadcast flow)

(Hasan Mahmood) #1

Hi Guys,

so once you start a instant Broadcast flow it will send a Message to all users… you can correct me at any time.

What i want is, that the (instant Broadcast flow) will just send a Message to those users who said YES to my Questions in the flow before.

Does that make sense? hehe

Thank you for your Help

(Nathan Stults) #2

This is very common.

What you want to do is use a Set Attributes task to set an attribute when the users opts in, such as ‘Subscribed’ with a value of ‘Yes’.

Then in the trigger of your broadcast, you can use a filter on the Attributes to only send messages to those with that attribute set to Yes.


(Hasan Mahmood) #3

Hi Nathan thank you very much i tried it out and it worked perfectly.

I got more Questions, i will buy the standard Plan soon. But before that i want to understand the Standard Plan
19 $ per month it says you will get 5000 interactions is this for every month or in total?

Second question is, it says (15 bots or actice flows )
Lets say i have one Bot with two flows
First is the Engaging Welcome Message
Second of the flows is a Broadcast flow

So will i Still have 14 Bots left. Or will two flows with the Same bot count as two?

(Nathan Stults) #4


The 5000 interactions is per month. Your interaction counter resets every month when you are billed.
Bots and flows count once each. In your scenario, if you had one bot and two flows, that would count as 3 bots/flow, and you’d have 12 remaining.



(Hasan Mahmood) #5

Again thx for the help :slight_smile:

(Hasan Mahmood) #6

Will it be 5000 Interactions per BOT or for the 15 BOTS in Total.
And if i Buy 5 Bots for 10 Dollars. Each of them can have 5000 Interactions? AM I RIGHT?
AND IF I BUY 25000 Interactions will it be for every BOT.
OR For all of my Bots in Total.

Thank you

(Nathan Stults) #7

When you subscribe the 5000 interactions is shared across all bots and flows, it is NOT per bot. It is the same if you upgrade your interactions, if you buy 25000 interactions, those interactions are for the entire account to use per month, not per bot.

Adding additional bots and flows for 10 dollars simply allows you to create more bots or workflows, but does not change the number of interactions available to the account.


(Hasan Mahmood) #8

Thank you Natahn for the clarification.
Can i Ask from where you actually chatting to me US.
And are you just in the Support Team or you also have Part in developing/programing this Platform.
I can clearly see you know like everything about this Product, but are you also gona be involved in actually creating new Features or do you send the Information collected from Customers further.

This Question is just for my Unterstanding. Thx :slight_smile:

(Nathan Stults) #9


I am based in the US. My role involves all aspects of customer success/product development. I coordinate directly with the development team. Hope that answers your question.