Conditional answer after a sequence of 2 Choices

(Andre Torales) #1


I want to set a conditional answer retrieving the last 2 questions made.

For instance,

  1. what color do you like?
    choice: blue

  2. what brand do you prefer?
    choice: Apple

In this case, based on these 2 answers, I want to create a customized new message.

“For you who said that likes blue and Apple, we have a iWatch in the blue color.”

I understand (I’m not a specialist in coding or in the system) that the filters only work regarding the last answer.

So is it possible to give an order to retrieve the 2 last questions?


(Karen Barker) #2

Hi Andre,

You can set multiple filters up on a message using outputs from any previous action in a flow.

So you could have a Send a Message action with a filter which says if Question1.answer = blue and Question2.answer = Apple as shown below.

(Andre Torales) #3

Thanks! It worked and made sense. But now, how do I tell the bot to act and give the message if the conditions are met? I want to give the bot like 15 different answers.

Is there a link where I can study more about this? Thank you very much!

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi Andre,

Unfortunately there isn’t a tutorial for this I’m afraid.

You would need to set a different Send a Message action up for each of the different answers you want the bot to be able to give. On each one you would then set the filters as above. A message will only be sent if all filters on an action match. If the filter doesn’t match then the message won’t be sent. :slight_smile:

(Andre Torales) #5

Great! Thank you very much, Karen! :slight_smile: