Complex Google Sheets Question and Broadcasting

(Vitaly) #1

Hi FlowXo Community,

Here is what I need help with.

I am working on a tool for students, that is supposed to send them links to articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and other relevant course materials. I want to distribute the study materials daily or weekly.

Before sending the links to the students, I ask them a few questions using chatbot and collect their answers in Google Sheets (‘Output’). ‘Output’ then evaluates their answers and provides a score (1 to 4, with ascending difficulty). I store content separately in a different Google Sheet -(‘Content’).

My goal is to provide each student (scored 1 to 4) with the content that matches his/her score, (also 1 to 4).

I’d like my chatbot to lookup the student skill level in ‘Output’ sheet and then send them relevant study materials from ‘Content’. With the help of this amazing article I understand how to store all data from ‘Content’ into FlowXo, but I struggle to:

  1. Make sure the chatbot first looks up a student’s skill level in ‘Output’, remembers that number (1 to 4) and then sends relevant materials from ‘Content’ Google Sheet in real time;

  2. Is there any possible way to automate sending content to the group of students? I understand that ‘Bot-> Send a Card’ requires entering every single item manually, and I have a laundry list of study materials, which I want to send daily or weekly. Is there a way to use Broadcasting to handle that?

Would appreciate any hints and ideas.