Come back to the previous message

(Dasha Barson) #1

Hi everyone! So I’m creating a chat where in the beginning I’m asking the user a question and then giving him 7 choices.
After finishing with each of these choices, I would like to provide a user a chance to come back to that initial 1st question one more time, so we can address all of the possible issues.

Is it possible to filter all this so that I’m returning the user to the beginning and NOT copying all the following questions and answers over and over again?

Please advise!

(Nathan Stults) #2


Yes, you can either trigger your flow again to start it over using a Trigger a Flow step ( or you can use a Label and Go To Label pair of actions to loop back to the beginning.



(Dasha Barson) #3

LABELS!!! Had no idea about them.
That is a game changer. Thank you so much, Nathan!!!