Code Service - Utility Functions - MomentJs

(Clément Beaujoin) #1


The code support ( provides information about utils.

I’m very surprise that Momentjs doesn’t make part of these tools, as it is availlable with Date & Time service as you specify :
“If you choose to edit this select box, you should give a date in the form e.g., DD-MM-YYYY. You can get further guidance on possible formats at

Can you make MomentJs availlable (or maybe it is already) in code service, it would be an easyer way to format an array of date instead of adding “n” Date & Time service.


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Clement_Beaujoin,

Thanks for the suggestion. Please feel free to log this idea, along with any others you may have over on the feedback site.

(Clément Beaujoin) #3

Hi @DanielBeckett,

thank you for your answer. It has been added to the feedback site.

Is there any way to promote this idea ?

As it would be a really easy feature to implement, do you take this in count over votes ?

What is the deadline?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Hi there,

Votes are taken into consideration but there’s no set deadline for any updates. All I can say for sure is that the idea will be considered for future projects.