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How I make the user choose the language, and change the flow’s language based on the user choice?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Bahaj

There is International Language Support so if you are just wanting to create a bot in 1 language all you’ll need to do is change your bot’s language, click Bots on the left menu bar, find the bot for which you want to change the language, and click Edit. Find the language select box and choose your required language.

If the language you’re looking for isn’t in this list then don’t worry we can still support your language. The built in languages automatically translate any default bot messages for you. These messages are the default responses for wrong answers to the Ask a Question action - if we don’t support your language then under the Advanced Options tab for this service please write your own custom responses.

If on the other hand you’re wanting to make a bot in multiple languages, then this is a little more complex. Facebook only support connecting 1 bot to a single page, so to be able to give multilingual support on a single page you would need to follow one of these options:

  • You can create a catchall flow which webhooks to the Facebook User Profile API. Using this you can return the users locale. You can install this flow to help set the webhook up - you’ll just need to add your Facebook access token. You can then set up individual flows for each of the languages you want to support. In the catchall flow, you’ll then want to use the Trigger a Flow action with Filters to ensure the correct language flow is run based on the users locale.

  • Create one flow and then duplicate each message within the flow for each of the languages you are supporting. These will need to be Filtered based on the language the user requires.

I hope this helps.