Choices not displayed

(Andrew Catchpole) #1

I have noticed that on some occasions Choices are not displayed when a question is asked.
The Interactions logs indicates that the Choices have been displayed.
Any suggestions?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Smartview_Property

We haven’t seen this happen or had it reported by other users so far. Would you be able to share some examples of where you’ve seen this happen?

(Andrew Catchpole) #3

I have sent you a link to the chatbot.
Are you

(Andrew Catchpole) #4

Sometimes the questions display the choices other times the choices are not shown but can be typed in. Can download discuss on phone if you’re available?

(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi @Smartview_Property,

I haven’t seen anything on the helpdesk. Could you please email it to and we’ll pick it up from there.

(Andrew Catchpole) #6

@DanielBeckett - long time but I can now replicate the issue. On an mobile/Android device, if any previous message is not read then the choice wont appear for a Ask a Question. Can you replicate?

(Daniel Beckett) #7


Is this for Web Messenger or Facebook Messenger?

(Andrew Catchpole) #8

Facebook Messenger
Regards Andrew

(Daniel Beckett) #9

I’m sorry but I’m not able to recreate this issue when testing on Facebook Messenger from a an Android mobile device.

Is this behaviour that you’ve seen something that happens everytime? Does it happen from all mobile devices or just specific ones?

Would it at all be possible to get a video of what you’re seeing?

(Andrew Catchpole) #10

@DanielBeckett - will try and replicate/video when this happens.My latest project appears okay which is strange